From Clients


Greg Wirth“Dee Relyea is a rare career coach who combines a consistently positive attitude, savvy job-hunting knowledge, and a great intuitive ability to assess her client’s needs. I chose to work work with Dee due to her familiarity with the Madison area and the high level of comfort I felt when speaking with her, and through her numerous area contacts she was able to connect with with people who provided me with helpful career advice. She had a good sense for when I needed encouragement vs. when I required a push to continue making regular progress, helping me stay focused on my goals through a lengthy long-distance job-hunting process. I found Dee to be completely professional, highly dependable, and committed to her clients. I highly recommend Dee for anyone seeking help in formulating life goals and making a career transition”.  Gregory Wirth Astrophysicist, Data Scientist, Remote Sensing Instrument Specialist

I recommend Dee to anyone I can – she’s an amazing career coach! I hired her to help me explore my career possibilities and to ultimately help me transition to another career. She has been incredibly encouraging, helpful, and giving of herself and her time as we’ve worked to develop my list of career options. Importantly, she has helped me think “outside of the box” and has encouraged me to creatively see and think about the different possibilities that are available. After every meeting, I find myself energized and ready to tackle any obstacles that are thrown my way. I would recommend Dee to anyone who is looking for help developing their career toolbox, is ready for a transition, or is interested in exploring their career options.”  Rob Russell, Ph.d

Gary Landsverk“I worked with Dee for several months during early 2010 and again in 2012 while going through a job transition process. I found that Dee is a highly professional and knowledgeable career counselor who is a pleasure to work with. Being a certified MBTI practitioner, she used her knowledge of assessment tools such as Myers Briggs and others to first help me review and confirm my true interests and strengths. She really listened to my questions and provided valuable feedback on the results which prepared me for the rest of my journey. Dee is also an expert at reviewing resumes and making key changes to maximize effectiveness. I found that I had a much better response to my own resume after working with Dee.

Finally, one of Dee’s passions is helping people explore the possibility of being their own boss. I was able to attend one of her classes at UW-Madison and came away very impressed, and with an array of information and tools to help me in the future. I recommend Dee to anyone who is looking for a career mentor or is considering starting their own business. The bottom line is that Dee cares, and it shows.” Gary Landsverk

Megan Cain“I want to thank you for being a guiding light for me these past 5 months! Every time we had a session together I left feeling centered, motivated and excited about the future. I am at a place now in my life that I never could have imagined when we first met! I am so grateful that our paths crossed and that you offer your talents to strangers like me! Keep extending your gifts out into the universe and know that you are touching peoples’ lives in extraordinary ways.” Megan Cain, owner, Wild Plum Mosaics LLC

“Words alone cannot express my gratitude to Dee. From our very first meeting Dee made it clear that she was going to help me in whatever way I needed her help. Her services were so wonderfully individualized. Each session was so well organized and appropriate for what was happening to me during that week or two. And, I felt such genuine empathy during our conversations about family and life that I just know Dee genuinely has my best interest (in the holistic sense) in her heart as she helps me pursue my goals.” Brian Aizenstein

Paula Winchell“Dee asked me just the right questions to gain clarity on my next important step in my business, and that step tripled my income from the year before!” Paula Winchell, owner, Highest Potential Hypnotherapy

“I hired Dee to help me at a time I was making a significant career transition, and what a makeover she provided. I was actually very surprised once her analysis was done, with what new direction and inspiration I found in my career. Dee helped me not only with the vision and direction, but assisted closely on designing my resume and targeting specific industry and businesses that would be interested in my skill set. Dee is an outstanding individual and lives up to the title, Career Life Coach.” Walter C. Clark

From Organizations

Dee has done an outstanding job to help me and my company with a struggling/low performing employee. Dee’s professionalism and expertise has created what now is a model employee! I wish we could duplicate him! Definitely a Dee success story for the books! Heidi Bulgrin, VP Premier Solution, Penda Corp.

Paul D. TiegerDee is an inspiring speaker who uses her vast experience and humor to accomplish her mission: helping people indentify their gifts and talents and share them through purposeful work. I’m pleased to work with Dee as both a certified trainer of the SpeedReading People program as well as part of My Personal Job Coach. Com network.” Paul D. Tieger, CEO, Founder, Author, SpeedReading People, LLC

“Your coaching program has been extremely successful in developing our employee’s positive attitude resulting in his improved work ethic. He did a 360 turnaround from where he was before he started meeting with you”. Buddy Triplett, National Sales Director, Penda Corporation

Barry Roberts“Dee Relyea teaches a 3 hour workshop on starting a business for the Small Business Development Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Executive Education. Dee has demonstrated great teaching ability. Her feedback from the participants has been excellent. She is able to deliver the content with energy, enthusiasm and expertise. Dee is able to quickly build rapport with the participants and make them comfortable in a setting that is new and sometimes intimidating. She is very good at presenting material as well as facilitating discussion and responding to questions.

Dee has been a valuable teaching asset for us and I believe she would be an excellent candidate for leading training sessions in other organizations.” Barry Roberts, Program Manager, Small Business Development Center, UW-Madison

Julie Campe“Dee’s sense of humor, great ideas, and low-keyed approach make working with her a delightful experience. She is kind and helpful, and her professionalism makes it easy to work with her on national and regional projects. With her years of experience and wealth of knowledge in coaching and counseling, she should be at the top of anyone’s list for expertise in that arena.” Julie Campe, Marketing Director, Association for Psychological Type International

From Workshop Participants

I can’t thank you enough for your insight!  The two hours we spent last night at the Rock Your Resume class are the best two hours I have spent working on job seeking skills in the last two years!   Mark Meyer, markmeyerconsultingllc.com

Justine Kessler picI took two courses with Dee as I was gearing up for a career change.  Her Rock Your Resume writing class was incredibly helpful.  Despite the group setting of the class, Dee made time to give each student personalized feedback relevant to our unique professional backgrounds, which I really appreciated.  Her lively approach to the class made resume writing fun, and her expertise and insights were very valuable.  The resume that Dee helped me build gave me the confidence I needed to bring to my new job search, and it got me great results in the marketplace!

Dee’s Ignite Your Interview class was equally valuable.  Again, her energy and enthusiasm, coupled with her expert knowledge got me excited about the interview process and gave me the tools I needed to represent myself confidently in job interviews.

Everything about my interactions with Dee was outstanding!  I would recommend her highly for anyone between jobs, contemplating a career change, or thinking about starting their own business.   Justine Kessler, Strategic Marketing Manager at CPM HealthGrades

Comments from workshop evaluations:

  • Great class!  Dee really engaged our group of attendees.  Lot’s of participation and laughter.
  • Very good examples and engaging.
  • Enjoyed her ideas and great attitude.  She certainly was a great example of positiveness.
  • Wonderful speaker.  Great audience involvement.
  • Everyone should take this course! Excellent!
  • Dee was engaging and kept a punctual time line.
  • Dee has a wonderful energetic presence, definitely knows her subject and presents very well.
  • Thank you Dee!  I really enjoyed the experience and professional support!
  • Great information.  Appreciated the instructor’s passion.
  • Clearly knows her stuff, not just reciting a canned program.  Very encouraging and realistic.
  • Dee is very knowledgable and is enjoyable to listen to.  It was a pleasure to sit in her class!


From Colleagues

“Dee sees the “whole” person and is able to lead individuals and groups toward greater alignment with soul-full work. Her coaching and leadership abilities reflect her passion for helping people draw their personal and professional sense of calling together. Dee’s intuitive and calming spirit touches many people who find their way to her and each person comes away a little more focused on purposeful and meaningful work. I consider Dee a valued colleague and friend.”   Brent Corless

Linda Jackson“Dee is an excellent listener. She personally continues to learn and grow as an individual and is able to use her broad knowledge and experience base to assist her clients. Her compassion is genuine and her reality-based guidance is most helpful!!”   Linda Jackson

“Dee has always impressed me with her ability to keep up-to-date with current trends / theories. She also provides practical advice, things that you can use right away. She has her networking structure well in place and is always willing to share information and knowledge.”  Bev Monigal, owner, Assist the Living, LLC.