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You have a valued employee who is underperforming, unable to complete tasks on time, is having difficulty communicating or working well with others, is stressed out or disengaged.   

For whatever reason, your employee is simply not meeting your expectations. Consider providing onsite coaching as an alternative to termination. Evaluate the impact of having to re-hire for the position:

  • COST:   In “The High Cost Of Employee Turnover” the author, Bill Bliss, states;  “the costs of time and lost productivity are no less important or real than the costs associated with paying cash to vendors for services such as advertising or temporary staff. These calculations will easily reach 150% of the employee’s annual compensation figure. The cost will be significantly higher (200% to 250% of annual compensation) for managerial and sales positions.”
  • MORALE:   What is the impact to others in the workplace when someone is “downsized”?  The remaining staff may become anxious about their own jobs, productivity may falter, and workers’ confidence in their own performance can take a negative turn.


SOLUTION:   Provide onsite personal coaching for your employee. 

 Here is the process:

  1. I begin with a no cost phone consultation with the HR staff person or the employee’s manager to discuss the situation. 
  2. The employee then takes an online assessment; the Myers Briggs Type Inventory® (MBTI®).  View a Sample Report This provides a starting place to communicate effectively with the employee and offers an objective view of the employee’s natural preferences at work.

Why use the MBTI®?  Understanding type preferences will enable your employees to:

  • Learn new ways to problem solve and increase productivity
  • Understand and adapt to differences in management or leadership style
  • Manage stress and reduce conflict
  • Recognize their own and others contributions to the work/organization
  • Develop time management and organizational skills
  • Increase their efficiency of verbal and written communication skills
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships and teamwork
  • Utilize their strengths and natural talents in their work more effectively
  1. With input from the employee’s manager, we define the desired outcomes for the coaching process. 
  2. After reviewing the results from the MBTI, we utilize suggested strategies to enhance the employee’s workplace effectiveness.  Additionally, I will provide tools, training, and additional strategies targeted to help the client meet the desired goals.
  3. Interim and a final progress report will be provided. 

 Typically, I meet with your employee weekly for one hour for 4 to 8 sessions and then bi-weekly for 6-12 sessions.  The coaching can be customized to meet your needs.



I focus on supporting each employee to achieve a better understanding of him/herself and others and to make positive, sustainable changes in their work and in their lives.  I have consistently seen employees become happier, more productive, effective and efficient in their work as a result of our coaching process.

Wouldn’t you prefer to help your employees improve their performance, rather than have to fire them? 

Please contact me to discuss your needs.  I’d be happy to share success stories with you!

Here’s what others are saying:


“Your coaching program has been extremely successful in developing our employee’s positive attitude resulting in his improved work ethic. He did a 360 turnaround from where he was before he started meeting with you”. Buddy Triplett, National Sales Director, Penda Corporation

“Dee has done an outstanding job to help me and my company with a struggling/low performing employee. Dee’s professionalism and expertise has created what now is a model employee! I wish we could duplicate him! Definitely a Dee success story for the books!” Heidi Bulgrin, VP Premier Solution, Penda Corp.

“Using techniques I learned from coaching with Dee, I can more effectively communicate with others and have taken ownership of the tasks and deadlines that are part of my workflow. As a result of taking the MBTI assessment, I have a better understanding of different personality types and how I can tailor my words and actions to improve interpersonal relationships, reduce conflicts, and enhance negotiations within and without my company. Dee, thanks again for your time and efforts on my behalf.”  T.H.  Design Engineer

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Dee Relyea, M.Ed


Madison, WI

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