New Year Special 2014


FireworksAs it is a new year it is a good time to assess where you are in your career. Are you fulfilled and feeling appreciated for your efforts? Do you have the opportunity to express your gifts, your natural talents, and your skills at work? If not, don’t let another year go by dragging through your work week tired, frustrated, and just living for your days “off”.

To help you move into your right livelihood, I am offering a Career Exploration Session at a ridiculously reduced rate. Why? Because I believe everyone has gifts and talents to be shared through purposeful work. It is disheartening to know how many people feel trapped in jobs they don’t find gratifying or pleasurable. Here is my GIFT TO YOU:

90 Minutes of Coaching for $90! This is 60% off!

Together, we will explore how your skills, values, and natural talents can qualify you for lots of different ways to create income and have work satisfaction. You can choose a different path and do work that is inherently satisfying, work that reflects your values and rewards you for your efforts.

For 90 minutes we will do a Career Exploration Session to find out how your unique package of gifts skills, talents and experience can qualify you for a different job or maybe a whole new occupation or even create a business. You deserve to have work that you are both good at and find enjoyable.

Give yourself or a loved one the promise of a better career, a happier life. (Gift Certificates available for all coaching services and specials).

Career Exploration Session – 90 Minutes of Personal Coaching* ($225 value)

only $90!

Save $135 and reward yourself with a new career in the coming year.


*Personal coaching is available either in person (Madison, WI area) or via phone and can be used in two 45 minute sessions or as a single 90 minute session. Offer expires Feb. 15, 2014.