Spring Coaching Special

  • Are you feeling frustrated, unappreciated, or just plain tired at work?
  • Do you feel restless, kind of like you need a change but don’t know what direction to go?
  • Are you looking back at your life wondering how you got where you are and thinking “this isn’t what I wanted to be when I grew up!”?

These are signs that you are ready to do something different, something bigger, more challenging, something that will allow you to fully use your wonderful skills and talents, something you can put your heart into and connect to passionately! 

Your calling is calling to you!  It’s time to revitalize your career.

Maybe you have ideas that could morph into a profitable enterprise or a passionate hobby you could turn into a business.  Perhaps you are at a career crossroads and yearn to do something new.  Or maybe, you are feeling trapped in a dead end job and figure you just have to stick it out…(you don’t!)

Give yourself just one hour to brainstorm a new wonderful way to earn a living.  I promise you we will discover new possibilities for fulfilling work for YOU.  My sincere intention is to help you find the right work.  No one needs to “die with the music inside”. 

I’m offering you a terrific deal!

Career Coaching Brainstorm Session

60 minutes for $75

That’s a savings of 50% off the regular rate!

Do you really want to go another year yearning to do something else with your life? 

Hurry, offer ends June 15th.  Session must be utilized by Aug. 31, 2013.

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