Why 2012 Can Be Your Best Year Ever

As I think about my goals for 2012 a small, self defeating voice reminds me of those things I’d planned to accomplish, but didn’t, in this last year.   Perhaps it is entirely fine that some goals were never reached and some plans never put into action.  I like to think that I did the best I could.  Instead of berating myself for what I failed to accomplish, I am forgiving myself for falling short of my goals.  Surely there must be a reason why these things that I thought I needed to do in Jan. of 2011 never got done.  I don’t know what it is at the moment and I don’t intend to spend much time analyzing the reasons because that can keep me stuck in the past. What I do intend to do is to create an inspired vision of what I’d like to bring forth in the future, in this shiny new year. 

How about you?  Can you let go of the things you thought you HAD to get done last year and move on?  It’s insidious, this inner voice that reminds us of what we oughta, shoulda, coulda, done.  How can we silence our negative internal dialog so that we can get clear and focus on creating our inspired vision for 2012?  For starters, we need to become aware of the messages we tell ourselves, witness them but not assume it is the truth.  A terrific book to help with this process is Byron Katie’s; Loving What Is.

Here are some suggestions for you to aid in shifting out of negative thinking into positive being.  Not every path or strategy works for every person so see if something clicks or resonates with you and try that. 

Quieting the mind and increasing awareness strategies:

  1. Positive affirmations.  Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, often generating a positive emotion.  It is suggested that you need to state the affirmation repeatedly to impact the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action. The key to effectiveness is to be able to express the affirmation with conviction, desire, and a belief that it is truly possible for you. Here is a list of 100+  Self Awareness Affirmations to get you started.
  2.  Meditation practices.  Meditation is about creating higher awareness and relieving stress.  There are a multitude of meditative techniques. For instance one style may have you focus on your breath or heart beat, another may provide a saying or mantra to repeat.  Even in the midst of a busy, stressful day, you can tap into your inner quiet and take a moment to re-balance. Here are a couple of books I recommend on the subject:  Instant Meditation for Stress Relief and Leap Before You Look. Both books provide a wide variety of short meditative and awareness building exercises.  Consider taking a meditation class.  Learning from a teacher who has a long term meditation practice can be really helpful and meditating with a group can really expedite your own process.  
  3. Self Inquiry.  Sometimes we just have to ask ourselves the right questions and take time to ponder our answers.  For example, in contemplating what didn’t get done in 2011, instead of lamenting your lack of accomplishment, ask yourself what did I accomplish?  Another awareness shifting question to ask yourself is; “am I looking at what is going well in my life or am I focusing on what is going badly?”  Debbie Ford’s book;  The Right Questions is a great resource. I also recommend 344 Questions, “the creative person’s do-it-yourself guide to insight, survival, and artistic fulfillment.”

Ask yourself;  what do I really want to accomplish in 2012?  What is truly most important?  Don’t worry about the hows just yet.  Just get clear on the whats.  Write down your answers and from there, you will begin to create your future. 

Wishing you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!