I offer several different workshops to assist people in: discovering their calling, interviewing, job search strategies, small business startup and SoulCollage®.  I am currently offering workshops through  Dane County Job Center,  and on Madison’s west side and am available to work with your group or organization. To discuss workshops, on site training or presentations that would best serve your group, please contact me.

First Steps for Starting a Business

Thinking about going into business? Spend one evening getting a clear picture of what it’s really like to run a small business. Assess your own strengths and weaknesses as a business owner. Learn how to analyze the potential for your business; trends and business lifecycles. Discover what information you need and where to find it.  Through hands on exercises and peer interaction you’ll define your potential ideal customer, explore market research resources and learn the basics of financing your business.  See article: “Business School in a Night


Nov. 1, 2017   (WED) 9:30 – Noon, Dane Co. Job Center, 1819 Aberg Ave. Madison, WI  Free, register via JOB CENTER 608 242-4900


Are you curious to know what universal themes are playing out in your life? 

Did you know that there are common archetypes in all cultures throughout human history?

These are played out over and over and shared through stories and mythology.  Through the process of SoulCollage®, you can uncover what unconscious patterns you have in your life. 

SoulCollage® is a process of selecting images, putting them together, and then discovering what they mean.  SC gives voice to the wisdom of our souls.  Some archetypes you might be familiar with:

The Fool, the Magician, or the Empress from the tarot, or the gods and goddesses of Rome and Greece such as Athena, Artemis, and  Zeus.  Then there are is the mythology of the Norse; Loki, Thor, and Freya.  Besides mythology, we have honored through the centuries; the great mother/father, the guardian/protector, the sun/moon and stars.  Additionally, in SC archetypes can be recognized as values or big energies that have endured the ages of civilization such as:  faith, abundance, beauty, hope, transition, fear, flow, and death.  Archetypes can also be roles we play or have played in life: the damsel in distress, the wild woman, the healer or the warrior.

Want to learn more about the patterns of your life?  Check out the “Discover SoulCollage®” e-course COMING SOON!