Find work you love. 


Career coaching can help you discover: 

  • What you are passionate about and how to bring your passions into your career
  • What your values are and how to align your work with your highest values
  • What kind of careers would make use of your natural talents, skills, education, and experience
  • What kind of work environment will help you thrive and what kind of work would energize you
  • How to find a career that satisfies you

 career Jumpstart

Career Jumpstart is a 90-minute session to help you fast track your career.  

Identify your transferable skills, natural talents and passions and see how they can qualify you for many types of work, tune up your interviewing skills, brainstorm business ideas, analyze your occupational options, or polish your Linked in profile. 


Ready to dive in? Commit to changing your life and sign up for in-person or phone coaching. 

Dee offers in-person career coaching for those located in Madison, WI. Phone or online coaching sessions are available for those outside of the area. Sessions can be purchased individually, or in a package at a discount. 

You deserve work that rewards your efforts, reflects your values and supports your personality type.
Let's work together to find a career path that's right for you. 

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