Finding what is right for you. Having someone who can help you learn about yourself, to uncover your strengths and passions, transferable skills and see how they intersect with the job market. 

You will have a coach in your corner to help you navigate the employment process, hone your skills, and celebrate achieving your goals whether it is a new job, starting a business, going back to school or strategizing an exit plan to leave a job you don't like.

Read through the common questions below to learn more about coaching and what you can expect from a session or series of sessions. Don't see your question below? Reach out to Dee with your questions. 

What happens in a coaching session?

I am present to support you in your goals.  First we determine a "game plan" as to what you would like to accomplish and then step by step I help you get there.  Along the way, we will do some brainstorming, pen and paper exercises, internet research and often build networking and interviewing skills.

How long are sessions?

In person meetings are 60 minutes, phone sessions are 30 minutes.  The Career Jump Start is a one time 90 minute session.  Coaching sessions can be purchased individually or at a discount for a package of 6 or more sessions.

Will there be homework? 

Typically there will be tasks to do between sessions.  I may ask you to do research, contact people to speak with about their field, explore taking a course, or read some articles.  These activities will help you learn about yourself, potential careers and get you where you want to go quickly.

will this help me find a job?

Career Coaching is not job placement, and no guarantees on finding a job are made. But you are guaranteed to come out of the experience with a better understanding of yourself and what kind of work and environment would be most satisfying and fulfilling.  Optimally, you will be able to achieve work you will love! 

Additionally, we will make a customized job search strategy and build your networking and interviewing skills as needed.  We may work on enhancing your Linked in profile or upgrading your resume.  

The coaching process is more than just "finding a job", it is about exploring who you are and what work would be the most fulfilling and how to achieve a life in balance.