Career Jumpstart

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Career Jumpstart


Career Jumpstart is an introductory 90-minute session ideal for those who want to get some inspiration and motivation around making a career change, or to explore your natural gifts and talents and learn how to leverage them for a job you love. Get a jump start on finding your best work life today!

Career Jumpstart can occur in-person or over the phone/video call. Calls are broken into two 45-minute sessions. 

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Now is a good time to assess where you are in your career and in your life. Are you happy, fulfilled and feeling appreciated for your efforts at work?

If not, don’t let more time go by doing work that isn't satisfying. You CAN have fulfilling work! Career Jumpstart is a single 90-minute personal coaching session, to explore whether ongoing career coaching is right for you and get ideas to inspire your next career move. 

Career Jumpstart is a one-time 90 minute session to help you fast track your career.  You decide what you’d like to accomplish in the session, such as: 

  • tune up your interviewing skills
  • build a better job search strategy
  • brainstorm business ideas
  • analyze your occupational options
  • get inspiration and motivation for your career change

Isn’t it time to do work that will allow you to fully use your wonderful skills and talents, something you can really put your heart into?  You deserve work that rewards your efforts, reflects your values and supports your preferences.

Give yourself or a loved one a Career Jumpstart today!